‘Learning by head, hand and heart’

– Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Teachers and early childhood professionals recognise that children are naturally curious  and creative with greater skills and abilities yet to be developed. Our innovative and progressive educational programs empower children to be masters of their own learning, igniting each child’s full potential to explore, evolve and succeed. With the implementation of open-ended experiences, we inspire creative thinking with the use of imagination to enhance problem solving skills. Our programs promote cross-age interactions, group projects and individual input.

West Hawthorn Early Childhood Centre provides children with an authentic childhood experience. Our natural environment provides children with the opportunity to discover their sense of self with a deep connection to nature. The learning environment encourages children to take measured risks in their play, fostering strong decision-making skills with access to a wide range of perspectives, ideas and mediums.

 ‘It takes a village to raise a child’

–  African Proverb

West Hawthorn Early Childhood Centre prides its self on its caring and supportive community. We consider each aspect of our community (families, children, staff and the wider community) to be an influential component to the development and implementation of our business plan, curriculum and programs, and practices. We embody a value system that was developed by our family members and implemented by our team to best support each child’s growth and development in a modern and ever-changing world.

Our service is led by a committee of family members that empower the management and team of early childhood professionals. Together in partnership, the Committee of Management and Director collaborate using broad professional expertise to create a strategic vision in the best interest of the children and families attending the service.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.’

– Marian Wright Edelman

West Hawthorn Early Childhood Centre is dedicated to the evolution of early education and endeavours to continually reflect and evaluate daily practices, curriculum and business outcomes in the best interest of our community needs.


Early Years Learning Framework, State of Victoria (DEECD) 2009.