The Kindergarten program is led by a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Educator (ECT) with current VIT registration. The program continues operating throughout the school holidays.

Funded Kindergarten is available to all children in the year prior to them attending school.

To be eligible, your child must turn four years old prior to the 30th of April in the year of commencement.

In line with the Universal Access policy, children attending the four year old program must be enrolled to attend a minimum of two days per week in order for them to receive their 15 hours of Kindergarten each week.

Our Kindergarten program utilises various approaches and philosophies to guide and direct our programming, we embrace many different teaching styles and philosophies to guide our practice. The room philosophy embraces the image of the child as; a capable, confident, creative and active learner.

Our Kindergarten program is the same as sessional Kindergarten. The difference and benefit to families is that:

  • Our Kindergarten program operates from 7: 30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday
  • We are open 50 weeks a year and open all school holidays catering to all family and work situations
  • We offer extra curricula activities including yoga, music and movement, cultural experiences, Wildlife exposure programs etc.
  • We also incorporate sustainable and ecological practices within our indoor and outdoor programs
  • Families have ability to choose days of attendance (dependent on availability)

Our Kindergarten program uses your child’s current interests to plan meaningful and educational experiences. We also focus on project work, extending these interests throughout the year to inquire, experiment and hypothesise. These projects can take us on a variety of journeys including excursions, incursions, community involvement, visual art exploration and also family involvement. Your input is extremely valued and welcomed within all aspects of the program.

Through a play based program your child will be exposed to and extend on:

  • social skills
  • self-awareness and respect for others
  • emotional skills
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • science and information technology
  • a joy for learning and group activities
  • new ideas and concepts
  • school readiness (school aged children)
We are eligible for Government funding, so make WHECC your first choice for your child’s Kindergarten program.